Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Milestones & Competition

When trying to find out a way to get my old co-workers motivated on a new initiative, I suggested a competition. Everyone seemed on board but one of my co-workers. She had said that she never liked competition. It just was not her frame of mind to function that way. That floored me a little. Not that she had the opinion, but that I never considered that opinion. I don't consider myself over-competitive. I love to win, but I can take a loss gracefully. (I gracefully walk out of the room, and flop on my bed crying and flailing my arms. I am just kidding, that never happens until the company leaves.)
Competition is a way that I have pushed myself in life. It helped me become a better athlete, better student, and better employee. As I get older, (and when I say older I mean still really young) I realize that a lot of my motivation has be from inside, and then it becomes a competition against myself.

Competition and Milestones seem to go together. Milestones are important. My friend once told me that she hated running, but she would do so by trying to get to the next telephone pole, the next tree, and the next street sign. I can imagine running miles and miles this way, but it worked for her. I am a lover of milestones too. Graduation, anniversaries, pounds of weight loss, birthdays, new books, and New Year's all hold an important place in my heart. I think it is important to celebrate these events or else it is like going through life with one long life history with know blips on the screen.

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