Friday, January 4, 2013

Mapped out- Filling up the Kindle

On January 2nd I mapped out my tentative Route starting in Australia and ending in the United States. I found a few books to start off my trek.

Australia- The Curse of the Travel Bug II- Read
New Zealand- Kiwi Tracks - Reading
Papua New Guinea- Mr. Pip
Thailand- Thailand's Sickest

I have given myself the freedom of changing the intinerary for reasons of the following:
 1. needing to change the country due to difficulty of finding a book
 2. wanting to read one book prior to another.

The good thing is I do not have to worry about changing airfare or taking long plane or train rides.

My trip started off a little rocky with a misleading book Jetting Away it was free for the Kindle,but it was about someone deciding to go to Australia. She never made it to Australia and there was another book by the author about going there. I opted out on buying that and read The Curse of the Travel Bug II. This book was okay. It was about a guy who was traveling Australia in a campervan with other backpackers and scuba diving. It gave a little taste of Australia.

Now, to continue my travel in New Zealand. I am tracking the best tracks in New Zealand. Now, where is my hut pass and passport?

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