Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Going on a Trip Around the World

I just celebrated another birthday. I was thinking about all the great things I have going for me and also things I missed doing. One of the things I love is writing and reading. One of the things I miss doing is traveling. I used to hike, drive, fly, bus, train a lot. Now, with lack of money and increase in family our trips usually consist of 3 hour drives. We will travel again. I am sure of it. Especially with a 10 year old EAGER to go across country, then to Paris and beyond. She asks for an RV every Christmas. She makes sure to write "An RV - a REAL ONE". She doesn't want some fat dude in a red suit getting all funny on her and getting her a toy one.
For 2013 one of my resolutions is to reconnect with old friends (beyond facebook). I hope that results in some road trips.
Then it all came to me while I was doing some marketing for my book. I went on Good Reads and stumbled upon a group Around the World in 52 days. Readers in this group were reading books from countries or by authors of different countries and traveling around the world that way. I never was part of a book club, but loved this idea.
Immediately I was taken back by the prospect of this. This combined my addiction of reading and downloading ebooks, love of maps, and my long-lost love traveling. A random point on the map resulted in New Zealand being my starting point. Lack of finding a New Zealand book I started with Australia.
I figured I would keep you up with my adventures through my blog.

My goal is tonight to map out my route.
I hope to read most of them on my Kindle.
I have already acquired 15-20 books from countries.
I hope to get free ebooks or ebooks from the library downloaded.
If I can't get for free, I will try to get an actual library or pay a small fee. (I hope to stay under $25.)

Now, where is my compass!?

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