Friday, September 28, 2012

What's Inspiring

I used to take a lot of long trips by car. I would drive 6-12 hours like it was nothing. On those drives I would strategically plan my music for the trip. At times I have listened to audio books. Within the last year, I heard a radio show that was people getting up to an open mic and telling a story. I wish I remember the name of the show. The people on it were wonderful story tellers. They paused in the right spots, and had wonderful ways to tell their stories.
That night I went home and wrote like crazy. I wrote about big, significant events in my life. I wrote about everyday events in creative ways, and I made up things.
A lot of time I am inspired by people's writing, a good book, an amazing story.
I am also inspired (I am sure others are too) by nature. What is more inspiring than nature. From sunsets, to starry nights, to chirps of birds, to the dew on the grass, nothing compares to nature.

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