Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life as a Writer

Besides eating Ramen noodles, life as a writer is an amazing life-upgrade. The life of a writer is like being given different glasses to view the world. I had the unfortunate event to not get glasses until I was in college. I had needed them since I was at least in 7th grade, but somehow I was either good at the eye-chart or nobody picked-up on it. When I finally got my glasses, it changed my world. I did not realize I was supposed to be able to see the details of the leaves on the trees, I no longer had to squint to see the other end of the basketball court to read my player's number, and I did not have to sit in the front of the class at school.
Writing is like that. Once I committed to my writing, it was as if I was carrying around a ficticious backpack to collect my creative thoughts for the day. I grabbed from conversations, things I drove by, stories people told me, etc. I built characters out of strangers I passed by.
My characters and plots run through my mind continuously. I wake and write, I go to work and take notes, before I go to bed I write. I actually considered motivating on my invention of the "time remote control" to freeze time for more time to write. I actually wrote this blog in .5 seconds due to the remote. It would have been quicker but I got peanut butter on the remote and . . . I won't bore you with details.
Write writer write.

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