Sunday, January 18, 2015

Little Excuses & Lots of Good News

As I start writing this post, I'm reminded of going to confession as a teen. I was tempted to lie to the priest, but why go to confession and lie? So I was would say, "Father it has been two years since my confession...." And boy was there a lot that had changed from 12-14 years old!

It has been TOO LONG since my last post, I could fill you with excuses, but I won't do that. Okay, maybe I will a little. I've had A LOT go in my life. There have been a lot of changes. Enough changes that I feel like I've had a major wardrobe change or have been placed in the witness protection plan without being relocated. That would be a horrible plan or a great one because nobody would look for me in my current house.

Okay no more excuses. The good news? Yes, among all my turmoil there is good news. I have been writing a lot, plethora, tons, submarines full. On December 23rd I made my goal of publishing before Christmas with my book Hope & a Canoe. I'll write a post featuring this book.

I, also, due to the demand of my readers, I turned Cashing in on Christmas into a book. Cashing in on Christmas was a short story from my book Surpassing. I am toying with the title Thawing Love.

I'm preparing a young adult book for editing and have another book about a post-apocalyptic love story 25% written.

I used a professional cover designer for Hope & a Canoe. Check it out here Hope & a Canoe on Amazon

Last, I'm working with a new editor who is so far, so good.

All in all... I am pulling my writing along and getting my life back on track. Mean while, I'll write more posts.

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