Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hope & a Canoe- Newest Published Book

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On December 23rd Hope & a Canoe hit the virtual book shelves. It's the story of two 18 year old girls who meet while camping with their families at a Maine family campground. It's a lesbian summer romance that is not all that simple. It involves escapes, shed tears, slips, supportive dad, toxic grandparents, laughs and two counts of insurance fraud.

The idea came to me in July when I was vacationing with my family. We were staying in a family campground and I wished that my family had taken me camping when I was younger. I watched the teenagers at the campground flirting with each other. I found myself thinking about lesbian summer romances.

I was supposed to take a break from writing on this vacation. I didn't even bring my laptop. Yet, I found myself stealing moments to write in my journal the first half of  Hope & a Canoe.

It's different from Love's Autograph in that the main character Grace and Tember are younger and neither of them have kids or are a rock star. It also taps into young lesbian love in a sweet innocent way. It made me think of the first time I thought I was in love. Tember has not felt much love in her life since he was eight and has a hard time even recognizing that she is in love. She has no idea what love is.

My favorite character of the book is Jeremy. He's Grace's father who is more like an immature, big brother. He's very endearing and so supportive of Grace being a lesbian. Okay... I'm going to stop writing before I tell you too much about the story.
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  1. Just finished Hope and a Canoe. Loved Jeremy but aksi liked the juxt of position of both characters.