Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Short Story Success

A few weeks ago, I had a short story accepted for an anthology. Hurray! It's the first time that an entity like a publisher has chosen to display my writing. This is on top of being thrilled every time I have a reader contact me about liking my book. My favorite is when the reader says that they couldn't stop reading and stayed up all night. Okay, I went on a tangent. Like I said, my short story was accepted.

I'm excited about this because of these reasons:
1. My first formal acceptance.
2. Short Stories are extremely hard to write. It requires constructing a memorable story and great characters in a small space.
3. It's an anthology that's going to get released at the GCLS Con in Chicago!!

One of my favorite writers is Kurt Vonnegut. He was amazing at short stories. He used to make a living purely on short stories and consumed a multitude of them in his childhood and adolescence. Check-out his short stories. The audio books with his narration is incredible.  I'll never be as great as him and respect the art of short story writing.

Once my debut short story is published, I'll share the link on my blog!

Update: Another one of my short stories just got picked up by Sapphire Books!

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  1. Congrats. Its a huge achievement.

    thanks for sharing questions for authors.